Providing industry leading steam cost saving processes.


1. Reiss Flash Recovery System.
Reiss’ Steam Flash Recovery system has proven to be the most cost effective and efficient method on the market to eliminate waste from the steam condensate recovery system. Steam make-up to the DA, used to heat boiler make up water is significantly reduced. Reiss recently installed their steam flash recovery system to a Tissue Paper Manufacturer in the UK at a capex cost of £117k, with a payback of 0.7 years.
Compared to its competitors Reiss’ steam flash recovery system is less complicated, with a more elegant design and with less components, the design has a positive impact on operationability and maintenance costs.

2. Condensing Economizers.  
Reiss utilise condensing economizers to make use of both sensible and latent heat from Boilers wasted flue gasses. Up to 18% additional energy is available from the effective transfer of sensible and latent heat from the hot boiler flue gasses. Wasted heat from the chimney flue can be used to pre-heat boiler make-up water, generate warm process water and heat combustion air intakes. The energy savings are significant and the systems often paybacks in less than 1 year.

3. Reiss Combustion Air Optimizer.
Reiss’ Combustion Air Optimizer, uses wasted heat from chimney exhausts or excess heat from steam condensate systems to pre-heat the boiler’s combustion air intake, heating the air up to 50C. The impact on burner efficient is significant, reducing the primary fuel intake, whether, gas, oil or biofuel in the range of 5%.

4. Recycle Hood Exhaust to Steam Generation
Reiss recycles wasted hood exhaust heat through a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) to generate steam. A typical application produces 1.5T/hour steam which is recycled back into the main steam supply at 6T/hour, producing energy savings of approximately 20%.

Steam cost saving projects – case studies

Reiss Flash Recovery System.

Speciality Paper Mill installed a Reiss Flash recovery system, reducing boiler raw water make up by 50%, this together with eliminating steam waste from their hotwell tank of 1T/hour, reduced total boiler gas costs by 10%. There were also savings from boiler chemical additions and the system paid back within 1 year.

Global Tissue manufacturer in the UK installed a Reiss Flash Recovery System. Reiss won the order based on ‘best value’ in the market. With lower costs due to its simple and elegant design, and more efficient operation. Reiss’s system also has less components, which makes it maintenance friendly and reduces maintenance costs. The Reiss installation and commissioning was completed on time and the system is paying back in 0.7 years, saving ~ 1T / hour of steam generation.

Recycle Hood Exhaust to Steam Generation

Global Tissue manufacturers in South America and Europe installed a Reiss designed Steam Generator system to utilize their hood exhaust heat through a steam generator to recycle steam back into the main steam supply system saving 1.5T/hour steam and energy savings of approximately 20%.