Greenfield Paper Mill in China, – Design, Manufacture & Project mgt.

Our team was responsible for the Design & Project management of a new Specialised Paper Mill in China. Delivering the project on time and to budget was an impressive effort, which enabled the customer to follow up on promises with their main stakeholders and customers, generating positive cash flow and gaining credibility for a successful start  up in an emerging economy. They team were also responsible for manufacturing critical PM and process parts to ensure that confidentiality and IP was maintained.

Major Wet End Rebuild of Tissue PM

The team have experience in rebuilding tissue machines, including cantilevered Forming Section and press felt transfer sections. These projects produced energy-savings, improved quality and runability and quicker machine clothing changes. The design, manufacture and installation were completed as a turnkey package to enable excellent project control and successful implementation on time and to budget at a UK based Tissue Mill.

New Headbox & Stock Preparation Rebuilds

We have experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of forming equipment, including a Vat Former for a leading European board manufacturer. Following this success the customer placed orders for similar equipment for the remaining vats. The new equipment was designed to improve formation and basis weight profile, resulting in improved product quality and the ability to increase capacity.
The customer followed with orders for white water, and broke system rebuilds.

High Speed Reel Shells.

Reiss Paper Machines engineers have experience in delivering high speed reel shells for a Central American Mill. The customer had mechanical problems with its previous reel shells, which were not designed for higher speeds. Nine new PU covered reel shells together with bearing assemblies and couplings balanced for a running speed of1800 metres/minute were designed and manufactured. Although the bearing journals were made larger to accommodate the higher spec reels, the housing profile were maintained to enable a cost effective and trouble-free fit, without the need for additional modifications.

Steam Energy Savings Projects

RPM engineers have extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of Reiss’ branded steam systems, including;

  • A 2000m/min Metso machine in India, with a condensing rate of over 10,000kg/h, was completed on schedule.
  • A 2000m/min Recard machine in Mexico, with a condensing rate of approximately 5,000kg/h, the condensate was pumped directly back into the boiler which saves energy from flash losses associated with de-aerator hotwells. De-aeration of the system was through a continuous ‘bleed valve’ on the blow-through recirculation line and a second condensate return to the existing atmospheric hotwell provided back up.
  • A 2000m/min Metso machine in Saudi Arabia, including a large Yankee with a condensing rate of 10,000kg/h, supplied by a gas turbine CHP plant.