Dual layer Pressure Former Upper Dewatering Unit / Top Former
(For added layer, formation and throughput increase)
  Cantilever Fourdrinier
Dual layer Pressure Former pictures  (2) Dual layer Pressure Former pictures  (1) Upper Dewatering Unit New Cantelliver Foudrinier
 Secondary / Tertiary Headboxes  Dual approach for two layer pressure former Marking Press
Pilot Line, Secondary Tertiary Headboxes Dual approach

Corenso stretchers & guides installed, keith hudson 276

Mottling H/Box
(For Top layer with mottled finish)
Glatex Roll Resin Applicator Gravity Strainer
mottling headbox glatex roll cover Resin Applicator Gravity Strainer

 Automatic Brush Filter  Pulpers
 Resin Applicator Auto Tail Cutting
 Automatic Brush Filter Pulpers RAP unit tailjet

 Felt Stretchers & load cells Vacuum Controllers
 felt stretchers with load cells shower systems vacuum controller

 Drum Reel Dynamic balance  archemedian screw1  large rolls
 Drum Reel Dynamic balance  Archimedean Screw  Large Rolls